About Us

When we started our practice in 1999 in San Antonio, we had one goal in mind: to create an environment where parents and children could feel completely comfortable, while at the same time providing the best pediatric care.  Throughout the following years, we’ve been able to see the amazing results of that goal being put into action.

Our patients now feel like family members that we have seen grow up before our eyes. One of the main reasons why the parents of our patients feel so comfortable with us is because we take the time to get to know them and answer their questions.  We know that each parent has their own specific plan for how they want their child to be cared for.  We see it as our job to provide medical advice and guidance so the parent has all the information they need to make decisions for their child.  We do not try to dictate care, but rather try to communicate with parents and be a partner in medical decisions.

At Stone Oak Pediatrics, we hope to build a relationship with each of our patients and their families.  If parents have questions, we want to hear them.  Forgot to ask something in the office but remembered at home?  No problem – give us a call.

Patients can make an appointment with their Board Certified Pediatrician or even on the busiest of days, see one of our other pediatricians.  That repetition is how we get to know our patients. Check out our Services page for more details on the options available, then give us a call at (210) 403-2229 to make an appointment or set up an introductory visit.